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ATM Receipt Ads

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Monthy Ads Only on the Connecticut WPC-ATM Network. Not Available in All Markets. Limited Ad space per unit.
  • Product Description

    ATM Receipts = Marketing Opportunity

    Customize ATM Receipts with your name and customized messaging will build your image and customer base. Advertise your fee-producing products and services to your current customers and members, while attracting new customers and members for less cost per touch. Improve your ROI and leverage your Marketing and ATM investments by advertising your products and services on our ATM receipts.

     Turn the ATM receipt into a marketing opportunity, and customers will be walking away with one of your mini-brochures in their wallet.

    atmreceiptad.jpegATM Receipt Ads

    Use ATM receipts to advertising & promote your businesses, merchandise, and/or limited time offers to cardholders who are using our ATMs on a daily basis.

    The ATM transaction receipt can include your call-to-action coupon, finding its way into the wallet or pocketbook of the ATM user.


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