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Small Stores, Gas Stations & Restaurants

Worldwide Products Corp. has built a large part of our business in this market and can bring our expertise to your business. Whether you have a single, or multiple c-stores, a gas station with minimart, bar, restaurant, nightclub, seasonal business, mall, supermarket, airport, hotel, or casino, we are capable of providing you with the most hassle-free and profitable ATM service you can find. Contact us and let us know how we can help.

Retail Chain Stores / Franchisees

If you are an owner or executive for a regional, or national chain store, we'd like the opportunity to be able to show you how we can help increase your revenues, while at the same time taking away many of the headaches that sometimes comes along with administering your own ATM program.

Private Schools / Colleges / Universities

Worldwide Products Corp. has been providing Education Institutions with turn-key and self-managed ATM solutions. Worldwide Products Corp. recognizes that each institution has its own unique requirements and concerns, and we work very closely together to meet these specific needs.

  • Cash Disbursement - Worldwide Products Corp. brings the convenience of cash right on campus to ensure student safety and easy access to their money. Some ideas for effective ATM locations include Student Unions, Cafeteria, Food Service Areas, Social Lounges or Security Office.
  • Vendor Partnerships - Worldwide Products Corp. can partner directly with your Institution, or we can partner with your vendor partners such as food services companies, book store operators, etc.
  • Financial Aid Disbursement - We’ll work with your Institution to ensure Title IV requirements are all met, and your students can efficiently receive their financial aid disbursement incrementally through your ATMs.

We are proud a member of NACAS and currently partners with colleges and universities for their ATM needs. Please contact us for more information how we can help your school.


Contact us for more information on how we can work with your town, municipality or Police Dept. to create an additional revenue stream, while at the same time infusing cash into your local economy. We've successfully partnered with select towns to help them serve their residents and tourist ATM needs with no cost to them while at the same time generating significant revenue for the town.


Business ATM

Do you qualify for a free ATM placement?

 A Free ATM placement from Worldwide Products will increase cash flow and generate more sales at your business! We always provide the newest ATM machines available.

If you own a business and want the benefits of having an ATM machine but don’t want to own the machine yourself, then our Free ATM Placement programs may be a good fit for you.

With these programs, we supply the ATM at no cost to you, program it, ship it to your location and install it for you. We also take care of all maintenance and service if the machine ever requires it, and give you and your customers a 24/7 toll-free support line to report problems or ask questions.

Business owners looking for total control may want our Purchase Placement program. You purchase/lease the unit, fill it and keep 100% of the surcharge fees.

We offer two types of ATM placement:

Free Placement

Our Free ATM Placement Program is best suited for high traffic locations looking for that "No Cost - Turnkey" free ATM solution. With this program, we take care of everything for you including cash management. You never have to worry about anything related to the ATM. Customer and Worldwide Products Corp. share in the ATM surcharges. Contact us for more information and see how our service can work for you!

Purchase Placement

Purchase: Customer purchases the machine through Worldwide Products Corp. The customer would be responsible for the cash replenishment and would receive 100% of the ATM Surcharge, with Worldwide Products Corp. providing FREE transaction processing.

Each Free ATM Includes:

  • Armored Car Cash Services - Each and every free ATM placement we deploy may have the option to be placed on armored car cash services to ensure cash is available at all times
  • Earn a Percentage of Each Transaction - By joining our free ATM placement program, you will earn a percentage of the surcharge revenue from each and every transaction. 
  • No Cost, Turnkey Solution - We handle everything from the cost of the ATM machine, installation, maintenance, cash services, insurance, ATM Advertising, paper supplies, ATM Processing, and more


ATM Free Placement


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