​How to Choose the Right ATM Placement Service Provider

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Installing an ATM at your business is a surefire way of generating some passive income. It is one of the most common things businesses are doing these days, which has resulted in many positive benefits for them, from increased sales to increased traffic. With the help of an ATM installed in their business premises, businesses are able to attract more customers, and hence have the opportunity to make more sales. This is in addition to the passive income they make through the ATM. Research studies have shown that placing an ATM at your business location increases your sales by a whopping 25%, which is massive to say the least. Your customers will also more likely pay in cash at your business, allowing you to cut down on the taxes and fees you have to pay for credit and debit card processing.

When you decide to place an ATM at your business location, you need to make sure you get the services of a highly reputable company. Installing an ATM is a big investment and you need to make sure you get it right the first time. There are hundreds of companies offering ATM placement services, and choosing the right one from them is not an easy task. Before we guide you on how to choose the right ATM placement company for your business, let’s find out the benefits of placing an ATM at your business location.

Benefits of ATM Placement at Your Business Location

1.Customers Spend More

In most of the cases, it has been found that people using ATM to withdraw money at a business location tend to spend around 20-25% of the withdrawn cash at the same business. If you are wondering whether or not placing an ATM at your business location is a good idea, you can use this stat to justify your decision. Your sales are going to increase which will increase your revenue.

2.Customers Have the Option to Spend

There are many customers who come to your store and like something, but are unable to make the purchase because they are out of cash and you don’t accept credit/debit cards. You are going the lose customers this way. On the other hand, when you have an ATM placed inside your business location, the customers are not going to hold back on their purchases just because they are out of cash. They can withdraw money from the ATM and buy whatever they like.

3.Convenience is the Key

People today look for convenience in everything they do. And, shopping is no different. ATM's offer convenience to the customers. They don’t have to go anywhere else to withdraw cash and will therefore visit your business to make a purchase or to use the ATM. Either way, you have an opportunity to make a sale. It’s a win-win for both parties.

How to Choose an ATM Placement Service

Now that you understand the benefits of placing an ATM at your business location and have decided to take the big step, the next most important thing is to find the best ATM set up company to do the job. As mentioned before, you will come across hundreds of these companies over the internet. So, how do you make the choice?

Here are the important things to consider when choosing an ATM placement and service company.


First things first, you need to choose a company that is reliable and has a good reputation in the market. The ATM placement companies having a solid reputation are automatically more reliable than others and will be able to better meet your demands and expectations. The best idea to find out how reputable a company is to talk to their previous clients. You can also read their reviews from the customers present on different online forums. Another great way to find the best ATM placement company is to get recommendations from businesses that have recently installed an ATM at their premises.

2.Programs They Offer

The next thing to look for in an ATM placement service company is the kind of ATM programs offered by them. Do they only offer ATM placement services or they also offer processing and other partner programs? Do they offer the ease of buying the ATM on lease or you will need to make a complete one-time payment? All these questions need to be considered when choosing an ATM placement and service company. You need to pick a company that offers all you are looking for so you don’t have to go here and there for every single service you need.


Another thing to look for when choosing the best ATM placement company is to find out how experienced they are in the field. You don’t want to choose a company that has just started their business. Instead, look for a company that is experienced and has been in the field for a good amount of time. Also talk to the experts in the company to know how well-versed they are in what they do.

4.Benefits They Offer

Look at the benefits offered by the ATM placement service company. Find out if they offer ATM maintenance service as well. One of the most important things to look for in the ATM placement company is their customer service. You will be dealing with the company the entire period the ATM is placed at your business location. Therefore, you will need a company that offers a great and quick customer service. Stellar support services are mandatory when it comes to ATM placements and the support team should be easy to reach.

When choosing an ATM placement service to install an ATM at your business location, you need to make sure the company has a good reputation and has some great reviews from their past customers. If you are looking for an experienced and reputable ATM placement service provider, Worldwide Products Corp. is a great choice. The company offers the best ATM placement services and is a complete ATM business solution company offering free installation along with cash management, processing, revenue sharing and maintenance services.