GenMega and Triton Deal

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Licensing deal allows Genmega ATMs to run Triton TDL communication platform

Genmega Inc. has signed license agreements with Triton Systems of Delaware LLC that will enable Hantle and Genmega ATMs to run Triton Dynamic Language.

"This is an important step towards a unified software platform in the retail ATM world," James Phillips, vice president of sales and marketing for Triton, said in a news release. "ATM owners and operators will now be able to run multiple types of terminals using one platform."

TDL, which superseded the Triton Standard communications protocol and message format, has been used by the majority of ATM manufacturers and processors to operate off-premises ATMs for more than 10 years.

TDL provides for easier communication between processor and ATM, as well as the flexibility to run value-added features and transaction types.

Some of the most popular features of TDL include the ability to configure changes to the ATM remotely; to run custom applications on the ATM and define screen; and to offer receipt and transaction flow based on a specific customer's card and transaction information.

"There are many ATM deployers out there with large, mixed estates who continually seek ways to streamline their operations," Phillips said in the release. "By working with other ATM manufacturers, Triton is providing them with the opportunity to simply their software solution."

"We decided to work with Triton on this initiative to create options for the marketplace," said Genmega Vice President of Sales WesDunn. "Combining Triton's value-added software and our proven hardware will greatly benefit our customers and add value to the retail ATM industry."

According to the release, no hardware modifications are required to run TDL on Genmega and Hantle units. The software, which can be downloaded directly to the ATM, will use Triton customer and management screens and will support the features that run on Triton ATMs, such as Triton Connect and VersaLink. In addition, ATMs loaded with TDL can use the Triton EMV AID.

Nautilus Hyosung also has entered a licensing agreement with Triton allowing the company to write software that uses TDL to communicate with the host. However, Triton value-added features will not be supported on Hyosung terminals.

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