Benefits of ATM Transaction Ads

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In today’s hyper-commercialized world, ATMs have become much more than cash dispensers. Retailers can now use ATM transaction ads to build brand awareness, connect with their target audience, and increase sales.

In fact, ATM advertising has become so popular that some are questioning whether ads could replace ATM transaction fees in the future. But should you invest in an ATM marketing campaign, and if you do, what are the benefits?

Let’s dive into this topic to see what your business could expect if you use ATM advertising.

Greater Audience Reach

ATM's have a captive audience. ATM users use the machines for a select time-period with a specific intent, but during the process, they are fixated on the screen. Even individuals passing by the machine can be influenced by the images on the screen.

Additionally, ATM users are often the most highly soft after demographic. They have cash flow and are willing to spend it. Tapping into this audience through targeted ATM transaction ads can solidify your business as a game changer.

Customized Advertisements

ATM ads can also be highly customized. By using the banks CRM system (or third-party system) your ads can be targeted for specific individuals. For example, you could run different ad campaigns on different ATMs to test out your advertisements or to target a unique demographic. The options are endless, and this form of advertising is far cheaper than traditional direct-mail marketing efforts.

ATM's also provide multiple forms of advertising. Not only could you add advertisements to the screen you could also partner to print an add on the ATM bank receipt. This gets you literally in the hands of your target consumer.

Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness is critical for any business. Fortunately, ATM transaction ads are an easy way to build that awareness in a non-invasive format. Spreading your message through ATMs allows you to create customized branding that informs as well as sells. In the process, you attract the right audience to your business and communicate what your business has to offer them.


An ATM marketing campaign opens up a new revenue stream, build a connection to a wider audience, helps you customize and track your advertisements, and gives you a greater ROI.

When you’re ready to invest in ATM transactions ads, we’d like to help. We offer a variety of ATM services to help you maximize this unique advertising tool. From installation to maintenance and more, we help many small businesses create additional revenue from ATM's. Contact WPCATMS today for more information. 

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