ATM Advertising

Reaching Consumers through ATM Marketing

Use the power of our ATMs to reach cardholders that are actually using the ATM and customers that pass by them who will clearly see your brand or products and services advertised on the outside.


Topper Advertising - Worldwide Products Corp.  Out-Of-Home (OOH) digital media network, provides a 24/7 group of rich media advertisements that broadcasts digital advertising content with our custom 15″ LCD panel mounted on top of our ATMs. Worldwide Products Corp. “commercials” are uploaded and play continuously in a looped broadcast.

Transaction Screen Ads - You can now broadcast your brand and/or ad campaigns throughout our premiere, high-traffic locations.We can re-purpose your existing campaign or support you in creating a new one, and then continuously deliver it to the hundreds of thousands of passers-by that frequent our locations daily.

Terminal Printed Receipts- Our Media Center has brought a new era to ATM revenue. Only a small percentage of ATMs have the capability to earn revenue on ATM receipts. Worldwide Products Corp. has developed a long-term, ongoing coupon program.

ATM Branding Wraps - Turn the ATM into a powerful marketing tool with affordable, custom-designed ATM wraps. High-quality visual branding draws attention to the ATM, helping owners build transaction volume, increase fee income, and advertise products and services to new customers. Studies show ATM branding can increase transaction volume by as much as 20-40%, depending on the location.